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B10.  Vlachopoulou M., 2009, Greek Edition, Armstrong, G., and Kotler, P., Marketing, An Introduction (9th edition), pearson education, Epikentro Editions, Thessaloniki, ISBN: 978-960-458-204-4

B9.  Kitsiou S., Vlachopoulou  M., November 2008, e-Health: Information Systems and Services in Healthcare, University of Macedonia Press,Greek Edition,  ISBN 978-960-8396-48-7

B8.  Kitsiou, S., Vlachopoulou, M., 2008, e-Health: Information Systems and Services in Healthcare, University of Macedonia Press, ISBN 978-9608396-44-9

B7.  Vlachopoulou, M., Manthou,V., Folinas, D., 2007. Integrated ERPInformation Systems, Thessaloniki, ed.  ΑΝΙΚΟULΑ, ISBN 960-516-032-3

B6.  Vlachopoulou M, Kitsiou Sp, 2006, IMPROHEALTH: Managing Change in  Healthcare Organization, Leonardo da Vinci pilot project, SK 03/B/F/PP 177014

B5.  Vlachopoulou M., Manthou V., 2005, Internet based Ennovation promotion plan (e marketing) for the project « Virtual Technopolis », Action 6, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

B4.  Vlachopoulou, M., 2003, e-Marketing / Internet Marketing, pp.626, ISBN:   960-7745-04-3, ed.  Rosili, Athens

B3.  Vlachopoulou, M., 1999, e-Marketing. Information SystemsNew Technologies in Marketing, ed.Rosili, pp.272, ISBN: 960-7745-03-5, Athens

B2.  Vlachopoulou, M., 1992, "The use of Information systems in Marketing Decision Making: A Theoretical and Empirical Approach”, PhD thesis, Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia, ThessalonikiGreece

B1.  Vlachopoulou, M., 1981, Gestaltung und Probleme der Alkoholwerbung,  Master Thesis Dissertation (Diplomarbeit), Universitaet BWL MANNHEIM, Germany


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