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Book Chapters


BCH11. D. Folinas, V. Manthou, M. Vlachopoulou,  2006,  “Integrated Logistics Information Systems: The Greek Paradigm”, Supply Chain Management and Logistics in South East Europe, ed. Ketikidis and Koh, ISBN 960-87869-6-7, South-East European Research Centre,  pp.120-131


BCH10. Matopoulos A., Vlachopoulou M. and Manthou V. (2006).E-Business in the Agriculture Sector in Greece(Editors: Vlachopoulou M., Iliadis L., Manthou V., Salampasis M.,Bantsios Ch.) HAICTA, ISBN: 9608902401, Thessaloniki, pp.137-147


BCH9.  Matopoulos A., Vlachopoulou M. and Manthou V., 2006, «E-business in the agri-food sector in Greece» HAICTA , pp. 137-150, ISBN 960-89024-0-1, Thessaloniki


BCH8.  Malama E., M. Vlachopoulou, D. Folinas,V. Manthou, 2005,  “A conceptual Model for E-Learning Service Provider : Applied to Greek Tourism Sector” in Information Management in Modern Enterprise : Issues & Solutions, Editor Khalid S. Soliman, IBIMA, pp.413-419, ISBN 0-9753393-3-8


BCH7. E. I.Malama,M. Vlachopoulou, V. Manthou , 2003, ”Challenges and limitations in Viral Marketing Strategy” Global Business Issues of Business,  vol 3, edited by G.T. Papanikos, C.Veloutsou, ed. Athens Institute for Education and Research, pp 349 – 357


BCH6. Vlachopoulou, M., Manthou, V., 2002, “Parnership Alliances in Virtual Markets”, in Co-operation and Competition C&C The Organization of the Future, editor Mosad Zineldin, ISBN 91-7636-350-3, pp 434-445, Sweden


BCH5. Manthou V., Vlachopoulou M., Folinas D, 2002, “The Supply Chain Perspective of    e-business Evolution”, In: J.L. Monteiro, P. Swatman, L.V. Tavares, eds., Towards the Knowledge Society, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, pp. 229-242


BCH4.   Vlachopoulou M., Manthou V., 2002, O. Ioannidis, “Integrated Customer Relationship Management in the Banking Sector”, In New Trends in Banking  Management, ed. by C. Zopounidis, pp 135-148, Physica-Verlag, A Springer-Verlag Company


BCH3. Manthou V., Vlachopoulou M., 2001, “Agile Manufacturing: The 21st Century Competitive Strategy”, ed. by A. Gunasekaran, chapter on “Agile Manufacturing Strategic Options”, Elsevier, pp. 685-703


BCH2.  Vlachopoulou M., Manthou V., Vlachopoulou E., 2001, «E-services for marketing and logistics for the rural products», Information Systems in the Agriculture Sector, Eds: Matsatsinis N., Publications of New Technologies, ISBN 960-8105-35-8, pp. 210-222,  Athens


BCH1.  Basiliadou I., Vlachopoulou M., Tziortzios S., Manos B., 2001 « A computerized model for the development of the agricultural regions» Information Systems in the Agriculture Sector, Eds: Matsatsinis N., Publications of New Technologies, ISBN 960-8105-35-8, pp.283-305, Athens

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